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Puppy training, advanced training, e-collar training, online training, behavior modification, board and train, all the way to extreme behavior modification, aggressive dog rehabilitation, and yes we do take dogs with a bite history

Hi! At Ki's K-9 Dog Training, we provide affordable, compassionate, top-quality Virginia Beach dog training and dog training in the surrounding areas We start your training experience with a free consult so you can see how we train and we can tailor a training program specifically to you and your dog's needs. You will see the benefits of the training and our training prices allow you to only pay as you go. We believe all dogs should get training and we think cost should not be a barrier to anyone have the best relationship with their dog, so we keep our prices as low as we can. Call us today (757) 351-5369 or use our online form to schedule your free consult.

Any dog behavior issue you are having, we can help

Our trainers are highly educated, knowledgeable and extremely versatile and experienced in all types of training. From puppy training all the way up to behavior modification and highly aggressive dog rehabilitation. At Ki’s K-9, we truly believe all dogs and owners deserve a happy, non-stressful, fulfilling life even if your dog has severe aggression. Our owner Kiley specializes in behavior modification and aggressive dogs. If you feel like you are at your wits end, please contact us (link to consult form) But, we are a versatile team who can train puppies, advanced obedience, ecollar training, online training (depending on dog) behavior modification, and aggressive dog rehab. We have experience in all breeds and will educate, guide, and make you a confident dog owner with a skill set to handle any situation with your dog! Our goal is to not only teach your dog, but teach you as well. We invite you to read our reviews! Whatever issues you are having with your dog, we can help in Virginia beach, Virginia and Thousand Oaks, California and nearby areas.

Success is our goal

We are passionate about our training. Our training is based on your relationship with your unique dog. We help you to understand your dog's point of view and why he behaves as he does and this provides the foundation to build effective training. We work with what comes naturally to your dog to get reliably good behavior. It's also important to start with easily achievable goals to get quick, reliable successes before advancing the training.

Good dog training should be affordable

I have a German shepherd dog that is a rescue and lived in 3 different homes times before coming to live with me. He has been a life-changer for me and led me to professionally train dogs, after learning dog training is my calling in life. Unfortunately, untrained dogs are the norm, and trained dogs really stood out. I wanted to make one-on-one dog training more affordable for people. I also offer Pick-up and Train for the super-busy. Sadly, sometimes dogs are removed from the home because of bad behavior. This can be avoided through training. I don't want the cost of training to stop dogs from getting the training they should have. Good training benefits the whole family, the dog, and the people and animals around us. I invite you to take a look at my testimonials page to read what my customers have to say about my training. My success encourages me to work harder to improve dog behavior.

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Your first consultation is free! We offer dog training in and around Virginia Beach. Before we recommend any dog training for you and your dog, we want to hear from you about what you are looking for. Then after meeting your dog, we will give you recommendations on training that would be best for your dog’s specific needs. We will give you an estimate of the cost and time. We work around your schedule, book by the week, and Pick-up and Train to provide the most options to meet your needs. Since your dog is unique, we create a special training plan for your dog. If you live in Virginia Beach or surrounding areas contact us today 757-351-5369 or E-mail:

If you live in Virginia Beach or nearby, please schedule a free consult

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