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Virginia Beach dog training service prices:

Basic Prices

  • Initial consult is free
  • Basic obedience: $70 hourly
  • Advanced obedience: $85 hourly
  • eCollar training: $90 hourly
  • Virtual Q&A and advice zoom call including homework: $100 hourly
  • Virtual training: $100 hourly
  • Mild behavior modification: $130 hourly
  • Behavior modification: $150 hourly

Free initial consult


  • Board and train - Ki’s K-9 board and train program is not same for every dog. We fit your dogs exact needs and they are boarded in a family home environment family environment with other fully trained dogs. If you dog is not dog friendly, we can separate the dogs. These adults dogs helpare great to show younger dogs good manners, appropriate play, and they help to build confidence. If your dog is good with dogs this apprach works, if not, they can be separated.
    During a board and train, your dog gets their own room and space to train, acclimate, and sleep in. Training also occurs outdoors and in realistic situations and you will receive a detailed protocol of what we will be working on while your dog is boarding and training with us. You will will receive daily updates, videos, detailed homework to keep up those taught skills. Your dog is monitored 24/7 VIA camera to ensure safety. Your dog will receive 3 hours of training daily, enrichment, exercise, decompression and play time.
    You also receive a free follow up session in your home to ensure your dogs success after your board and train.
    • 2 weeks - $2000
    • 3 weeks - $3000
    • 4 weeks - $3500 - $3800 (depending on behavior)

  • Off leash package - Includes 8 in home personalized private sessions tailored to your dogs unique needs and focuses much on much more advanced obedience including off leash walking, reliable recall, sharpening of manners, skills, and reliability
  • Mild Behavior modification - Includes 10 private in home sessions tailored to your unique needs. This package is best for dogs with leash reactivity, fearfulnesses, extreme separation anxiety, dog reactivity,
  • Behavior modification package - Includes 10 private in home sessions tailored to your unique needs. This package is best for dogs with aggression or more dangerous behavior
  • Calm dog - We will turn your over exuberant dog into one you can trust around the house, be calm, teach an “off switch” without endless needs for exercise.
  • Emotion Support Animal - This could include deep pressure therapy (very helpful when having anxiety) fetching medications or other things, helping you get out of bed, knowing when you are in distress and teaching them how you would like them to respond and comfort you, whatever that looks like for you!
  • Basics and advanced + off leash - We solidify basics, make a well rounded, well mannered, confident dog who you can eventually enjoy off leash as well!
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Free initial consult

The first consultation with us is free! We offer dog training in Virginia Beach and surrounding cities of the 757. Before we recommend and dog training for you and your dog, we want to hear from you about what you are looking for. Then after meeting your dog, we will give you recommendations on training that would be best for your dog’s specific needs. We will give you an estimate of the cost and time. We work around your schedule, book by the week, and Pick-up and Train to provide the most options to meet your needs. Since your dog is unique, we create a special training plan for your dog. If you live in Virginia Beach or surrounding areas contact us today 757-351-5369 or E-mail:

If you live in Virginia Beach or nearby, please schedule a free consult

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