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Harmony lost?

Dogs who have lived together harmoniously for years can sometimes start fighting and this is obviously very nerve-wracking for owners. It’s a very common behavioral issue, believe it or not. These fights can be caused by resource guarding food or toys, guarding owners or furniture, or bum-rushing doorways together and redirecting that excitement onto their housemate. This also is an issue when it comes to people bringing home a new puppy. Sometimes it’s harmonious, but sometimes the older dog needs time to adjust, or they just are not tolerant at all.

When to get help

It is important to know, you should never correct an adult dog for growling at a puppy because this teaches your puppy proper social cues and manners, but if it becomes a fight it’s time to bring a professional in. Many times this lack of harmony is due to lack of structure, one dog gets more freedom, or resource guarding (food, toys, owner, furniture). Many owners think they might have to rehome one of their dogs to eliminate that behavior but that is not always necessary. If your dogs are suddenly fighting and you are alarmed and don’t know how to go about the situation, please contact us for a free consult today! We have many success stories on this topic and would love to help!

Maybe there is an environmental issue

Another reason dog mates may not be getting along is their environment. In small apartments with many barriers and doorways, this can really excite a dog and sometimes it can turn into aggression because both dogs are trying to get out of the doorway or greet their owner in a small proximity. Sometimes, a dog is reacting to a dog outside and redirects that reactivity onto the nearest dog or person; thus creating a fight. Large age gaps, size differences, or health issues can also come into play when it comes to dogfighting. A cause of aggression can also be a health issue that makes them more on edge.

Whatever the cause Ki's K-9 Dog Training can help.

Example review

Kiley is an excellent trainer. I contacted her after my dogs got into a fight and I had the fear that I would have to rehome one of them. I had zero hope. Kiley met with me immediately, consulted with me for a long time, and gave me hope that she could help with this traumatic situation. Upon meeting Kiley, she is very professional and knowledgeable about behavior correction. Kiley has been working with both my dogs and I have seen such a positive change in their behavior. She has not only helped my dogs correct their behavior but she has also helped me become a more confident owner. She not only teaches the dogs but she also teaches the owner. She will give you homework and I promise you, if you follow her homework consistently, you will see improvement. Because of Kiley, I feel that I will never have to rehome my dog (my biggest fear). I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with reactive dogs, unwanted behaviors, or aggression. She’s FANTASTIC.

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Dog Housemates Fighting training.

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