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What is Agility Training?

Training your dog to do agility, is probably one of the best activities you can sign your dog up for and the benefits are incredible.

Great benefits

It helps to calm the stressed mind and instills trust in dogs that struggle with low self-esteem. By exercising your dog's mind, they are learning to stay focused, to think quick on their feet, learn their strength, balance, and body control. All that while keeping your dog physically fit in the process! Agility training raises your interaction with your dog to a higher level. Your dog understands there is a job to do to figure out the course which is great physical and mental stimulation for your dog and trust in you.

The agility training fits your dog

At Ki's K-9, we look at every dog as an individual, so to coerce the shy and fearful personalities, I guarantee you I won't have them jumping off or climbing obstacles they are prominently not ready for. Instead, I will work with them, and yes, challenge them just enough that is in their range, until your dog gains more confidence in themselves.

Keep the goal in mind

My goal and my greatest joy in life are to see dogs excel and become who they are truly meant to be. Dog agility will challenge the mind and physical attributes of the hyperactive and the timid. Teaching dogs of all ages, coming from all different walks of life, the importance of self-assurance and trust.

What is agility training?

Agility training and agility sessions look like your dog is running an obstacle course. It's really much more for you and your dog. Agility training is a way for you to build a better bond with your dog. Agility training is great for your dog and you; it's great exercise and fun for you both. Don't worry if you can't run fast. You don't have to run as fast as your dog does. You will be active though since your dog will be taking commands from you the whole time.

Dog types

We have found that all dog personalities benefit from agility training. Confident and easy-going dogs will pick up on agility quickly. Anxious dogs will become less anxious from agility training as they gain confidence. They will probably find the world less scary after learning to work the agility challenges. Dogs with behavior problems like biting, often find agility training as a way to be more content with the world and behave in a more acceptable way. Smaller dogs enjoy agility courses adjusted to their size. The goal is to provide an achievable challenge for your dog. Older dogs benefit from agility too. The course will help your older dog stay mentally and physically fit. We also start-off agility with easy challenges to give your dog a chance to build muscles and confidence through the challenges.

You don't have to be physically fit

Your dog can be trained to work the course a distance from you so you don't have to run alongside your dog. We have found owners really enjoy agility training with their dog, and get great exercise too.

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Agility training.

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