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Welcome Megan!

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Meet our newest trainer, Megan! Head board and train trainer

Thanks to our clients for providing us the ability to continue the success and growth of our company. We are grateful to you and work hard every day to provide compassionate, professional dog training exactly tailored to your needs, and the needs of your dog. We are so excited and proud to announce the newest member of our training staff! We are fortunate to have Megan join us to better serve you. Megan has great experience and a love of dogs and dog training. She embraces our company values of compassionate training with real results. Please contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.


From Megan,

Hi! My name is Megan!

My background

I am a trainer at Ki’s K-9 Dog Training and I am certified to train patrol and detection dogs. I wanted to learn detection training, because I wanted to still be able to serve my country after my 6 years in the Navy as an MA. I am a certified patrol and detection dog trainer, but it does not stop there! I have been working with animals all my life, from breeding and raising to training retrieval dogs, tracking dogs and explosive dogs. I also grew up riding and training horses. I have been competing with my horses for over 17 years!

Now I train with Ki's K-9 Dog Training

Now I train with Ki's K-9 Dog Training in Virginia Beach and nearby cities in the Hampton roads area! We train dogs in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, The Eastern Shore, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, Baltimore, and other DMV areas, with pick up and drop off including (depending on distance) I started working with Ki's K-9 Dog Training because I wanted to work and train in an environment where the dogs are treated with compassion and not with unethical, or harmful techniques.

How we train

We pride ourselves in treating every dog as an individual, truly listening to clients needs and goals and tailoring unique plans to help owners gain success as well as improving each dogs quality of life through training. I am the head board and train trainer at Ki's K-9 Dog Training where all of our client dogs and pups are trained in an in home environment, with daily text and multiple video updates throughout the time I have with your furry friend! I love teaching dogs and owners, as well as making their lives more enriched and enjoyable for clients and their families, to enjoy a well trained pup! I have a passion for staying active and giving dogs new tasks to learn based on client goals and watching them grow throughout our training programs. I also participate in Ki’s K-9 Dog Training group classes as a another trainer to help clients and their pups!

A little more about me

I personally own a red heeler, a blue heeler, a Siamese cat, two performance quarter horses, as well as a certified and registered explosive detection Labrador Retriever. I have a 4 year old son, so it is personal to me to be able to provide services to families to ensure they have a well rounded, fun to be around family pet!

We suit your needs

At Ki’s K-9 Dog Training we offer private sessions, pay as you go hourly, private session packages, board and train, hybrid board and train with owner included, group classes, standard boarding, structured boarding, calm dog training, behavior modification, aggressive dog training, dog reactivity, puppy training and classes, off leash training, dog sports, ESA and therapy and service dog training. We’d love to train your dog!

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