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At Ki’s K-9 Dog Training in virginia beach we understand how much of a responsibility a new puppy is! Sometimes we hear about owners not having too much time on their hands to train their new puppy, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, at a loss, having the “puppy blues” sometimes even wanting to rehome their new dog because it was not what they expected! This is all very normal, but at Ki’s K-9 Dog Training we have created a program to help! Our raise and train program at Ki's K-9 Dog Training is all about setting up your puppy to become a well rounded, well mannered pup that you and your family can truly enjoy.


This program is 3 weeks or longer depending on your personal goals for your pup! The raise and train program is a 3(+) week board and train program in our trainers personal homes and you will receive text, video, and photo updates throughout the week! This dog training program is all about solidifying your new puppy into your dream dog that you and your family can enjoy! This dog training is custom to every individualized dog and client, specific to their goals. But our raise and train at Ki's K-9 Dog Training includes


  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Eliminating puppy biting
  • Jumping
  • Manners in the home
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Focus on owner and willingness to look for direction and enjoy doing commands
  • An Auto Sit (your pup stops walking and sits when you stop walking)
  • Place
  • Door manners (not running out of the door, sitting, staying, looking until you say its okay)
  • A release, or Free world to break command
  • Leash Walking
  • Heeling on a leash
  • Loose leash walking
  • Confidence building to ensure a confident adult dog
  • Dog & people socialization
  • Exposure to stores and high distraction environments
  • Ability to perform commands in high distraction environments
  • No, Drop it, Leave it
  • The ability to settle down and have an "off switch"
  • Appropriate play with dogs
  • Exposure to children
  • Off leash
  • Vocal Control
  • Anything else during the free virtual consultation we feel needs to be worked on due to individual dog//owner goals!


    Reviews about our puppy boarding!


    “ I cannot say enough great things about Ki and the amazing job she did with my Staffordshire puppy Draka. Even before I had settled on a trainer she was thorough, answered questions, and it was obvious from the get-go that she cared about dogs beyond it just being a job. She did a two-hour video consult with us before we had even decided for sure on a trainer and won me over with her thoroughness, attention to detail, and the fact that she clearly knows her stuff.


    That thoroughness also continued from start to finish with training. Ki sent tons of pictures and videos and was very responsive to any questions I had while Draka was with her. I felt completely comfortable and trusted her completely with my baby :). We had only had Draka for two weeks before she went to board with Ki and so she was with Ki for just as long as she had been with us! It was hard for me to let her go but I totally trusted Ki with her.


    Another great point about Ki -- she really listened to our wants/goals for Draka and was very upfront and realistic about training. That helped me a lot as I'm someone who needs expectations established from the onset and like to know what I'm getting myself into. She also clearly priotizied things that we were struggling with (puppy chewing and biting especially). Draka has been back for a few days now and her responsiveness to "leave it" and "drop it" have been lifesavers for our furniture, rugs, and shoes. That alone would have been worth it but she did all that and more.


    Honestly I could go on and on about how great Ki is and continues to be. Even after dropping her off she set up a follow-up session and has still been super responsive to my questions. She also set up realistic expectations at the end by warning that sometimes it takes a few days to transition back and she spent the time at drop off to really go over the training and demonstrate the commands. She even did a photo shoot with Draka and printed out photos of my favorite pictures :). She provided a ton of resources and feedback.


    Another thing I really appreciated was that she was honest with the good and "bad" with Draka in terms of temperment, personality, and difficulties encountered while training. She let us know the food we had been using was contributing to some of those behaviors and the switch was night and day in terms of her sleeping through the night and making potty training way easier.


    She clued us in to some behaviors to be aware of as Draka is at home and with other dogs so that we can continue to work with her and ensure that she continues to have positive development even after training and keep up that solid foundation that she got with training.


    Going with her as a trainer is a no-brainer and welllllllllll worth the money. You get way more than your money's worth and she goes above and beyond whether it's food, training supplies, supplements, dealing with allergies, etc. She taught us all so much! Draka will definitely be going back to her for any future training needs, boarding for vacations, and doggy daycare.”


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