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What is an emotional support animal's job?

Their title states it, but as you can imagine, their job entails so much more. They calm anxiety, they help with depression, they give people that suffer from mental illnesses comfort in their time of need. To get your dog legally registered as your ESA, you need an OK from your mental health professional. You will probably find that this is easy for you to get.

OK, my dog is certified, now what?

But what about the training to get your companion to work with you in your stressful times, and what kind of training is involved for an ESA? If you live in, or near the Virginia Beach area, contact Ki's k-9 Dog Training to access the compassionate, professional training your ESA dog needs. Ki's K-9 Dog Training specializes in ESA dog training. We train dogs from Norfolk and Chesapeake to Hampton Roads.

Not one size fits all

The training that would be carried out all depends on the owner and their situation. This is not a one size fits all training, and this doesn't entirely depend on the dog, but a collaboration of both owner and dog. One example would be if you struggle with anxiety. As it overtakes you, your dog already knows. How?

Your dog will sense when you need help

Because they can smell different stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisone. Knowing that your dog can sense that change, Ki's K-9 Dog Training can take that, and train them to do what you feel would make you most comfortable when an anxiety attack occurs.

How can my dog help me?

An example for this particular situation would be training them to lay on you like deep pressure therapy or distracting you by licking your face or putting their head on your lap. It's even possible to train them to remind you to take medication. As you pet your dog or have their weight on you, to help calm you down, studies have shown that it can lower your blood pressure, help to cope with your pain, and also encourage you to decrease respiratory rates.

You and your dog benefit

Teaching your dog to work with you in your time of need can be beneficial for both of you, and it gives your dog a job. Instead of getting stressed themselves and wondering what to do, they know that when they smell the change in their body it's time for them to take action. You won't have a bewildered dog, but you're actually going to get a more balance-minded and confident dog. Giving your dog this job will encourage both of you, that in those hard moments, you can get through it. Allow your pet to help give you the comfort that you need!

Get started with your ESA dog today

Please contact us today so we can get you started on getting the benefits of an ESA dog. Even you don't have a dog yet, we can help you understand the steps you should take to get an ESA dog.

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Emotional support animal

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