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Yes, Ki's K-9 Dog Training offers boarding and training in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area!

The Boarding Environment

All boarding is in my home with a backyard with other well-mannered dogs (if your dog is reactive, we keep them separated until they are ready) it is all done in a room designated specifically for training. Your dog will have their own room for however long you decide to board! The room is cleaned and made flea-free before and after every board and train. There is also a natural pet de-stress air diffuser in the room. You are welcome to tour the room before you decide to board and meet my dogs.


The training room is 100% controlled and you can be assured their safety and goals are my main concern when boarding with me. The room securely locks, so there is no possibility of my dogs coming in if your dog suffers from reactivity. Safety is the main priory when boarding and all training is 100% controlled.

What you should bring

I do have a crate but you must bring your own crate, food for however long your dog will be staying, and any medications they are on. Things that help dogs adjust to being away from their owner are blankets or shirts from the home.

How Board and Train works

When we do a board and train, We type up a daily protocol to let you know as the owner what we will be working on with the dog each day to reach our goals. We update owners with videos of training, progress, and just general updates of anything their dog might be enjoying. There is enrichment, calm training cots, games, and a comfy dog bed for your dog when they board with me. We are happy to help owners who do not have much time to train their dogs and you will be sent home homework to do to keep up with your training so your dog continues to progress. When your dog is being boarded I work with them 2-3 hours a day and have designated playtime and exercise.

Boarding and Training is tailored to your dog

Depending on your dog's breed, age, illnesses, and heat/weather, you can ensure they will get the appropriate amount of exercise for their breed and age, this will also help with any anxiety they are feeling from being away from home and away from owners. If requested, your dog can be completely separated from my dogs or if socializing is something we are working on, my dogs love new friends and are fully trained and even-tempered.

After Boarding and Training

It is recommended that we have one in-home session after the board and train so I can make sure you have a solid understanding of how to handle your dog with confidence. Contact us for a free consult to get a quote on your board and train!


Our prices are affordable. Price is determined by the length of time your dog will be staying with me, and the type of behavioral issues we are dealing with, please contact us for Virginia Beach dog training and dog boarding!

Please watch the video from the link below.

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If you live in Virginia Beach or nearby, please schedule a free consult

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