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Dog walking problems solved

Dog walks are a very important part of being a dog owner and bonding with your dog. It is healthy physically and mentally for both of you. Walks are probably the highlight of your dog's day, so it is important to not skip walks. If you find walks with your dog are not enjoyable for you because of problems, we can help. Here we discuss common problems we encounter on dog walks and what to do about them.

Constant pulling on the leash

This is probably the most common problem we hear about when it comes to dog walking. It is very uncomfortable to have your dog constantly pulling your arm while you are walking. Walks are probably exciting for your dog and he is eager to walk fast and smell everything he can. The right collar and leash technique are a great way to solve the leash pulling problem. A collar known as a head collar or head halter can work like a miracle for some dogs. A mistake we see some clients make is using a collar or harness that allows the dog to pull comfortably; this just encourages your dog to pull more! A good collar and leash technique uses the collar high on the heck with a short but not too tight of a leash. It's best to maintain firm, light, and confident leash tension.

Sudden Yanking on the leash

If you prefer to walk your dog with a slack leash, you may experience your dog suddenly yanking on the leash to pursue a squirrel or dog. If your dog is reacting to another dog, you should use the collar and leash to indicate to your dog that that reaction is not OK. It is important, though, that we use correction with compassion so that your dog understands that other dogs are not a threat. Since we can provide "new" dogs for your dog to interact with we can be helpful in training your dog proper interaction with other dogs. We can arrange these constructive meetings to train your dogs that it is OK to see other dogs on walks. You need to stay calm during these interactions which will help your dog to stay calm too. A head collar can also be helpful to correct your dog from yanking on the lease. It works by gently turning your dogs head away from the other dog as he pulls on the leash.

Constantly smelling things

Smelling things is hugely important to your dog. We feel that you should allow some time for your dog to smell things on a walk. We suggested having "smell time" during the walk to reward your dog if he has gone a while without stopping to sniff. Some of our clients have success starting off the walk with "smell time" and then have some running time with the "Let's run". The main point is to have some smelling time so your dog enjoys the walk too. We train with the "Let's walk" command when smell time is over.

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