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Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Package

Please see your doctor about registering your dog as an ESA. We can train your dog to pick up on your anxiety/other unpleasant emotions and help you in your time of need

This package is for you!

This could include deep pressure therapy (very helpful when having anxiety) fetching medications or other things, helping you get out of bed, knowing when you are in distress and teaching them how you would like them to respond and comfort you, whatever that looks like for you!

Not only that, we teach manners as esas do fall under the service dog tier; it’s important they have good manners and are well behaved, because they do in fact have travel rights and housing rights.

We teach them distress signals from you, teach them how to help you best, as well as make them a well mannered, well rounded, confident dog who can help you in times of need.

This package includes 10 sessions in total.

Usually, ESA training when paying for hourly can be 110-115.

This package is $900, thus saving you $200+!

We have payment plans as well!

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