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Basics and advanced + off leash


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Basics and advanced + off leash

Do you have an older puppy (5 months and older) who needs some manners and is no longer a younger puppy but still acts as such?

This package is for you!

This package is for you! We solidify basics, make a well rounded, well mannered, confident dog who you can eventually enjoy off leash as well!

Every package is tailored to your unique dog but this package also includes

  • Basic obedience and reliable obedience
  • Manners in the home as well as outside, also incorporates our “pick up and train” to ensure a confident dog and a dog that will listen even in highly distractible places such as dog friendly stores, parks, as well as when around other dogs
  • Confidence building, leash manners and no pulling even when distracted
  • Relationship building between you and your dog. Lots of eye contact, engagement, and following your lead. Knowing boundaries.
  • Being well mannered when guests come
  • Exposure and socialization as well as proper play manners with other dogs
  • On leash manners, no pulling, no pulling to greet every dog and person unless you say it’s okay
  • Off leash work with reliable recall so your dog can have more freedoms and enjoy life to the fullest with your peace of mind that they will come back, and they will still listen off leash!
This package includes 12 sessions and a $330 discount with a free follow up session if needed!

This package is $1,150 with your $330 savings!

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