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Ki's K-9 Dog Training provides compassionate and professional dog training in Virginia Beach and the 757. We provide free initial consultation contact us today

Compassion is our top guiding principle

Compassion is our top guiding principle at Ki's K-9 Dog Training. Not only do we ensure compassion at all times because we love dogs, but any other means of dog training is also ineffective in the long-term. Other means of dog training use fear to temporarily cause the behavior we are seeking, but fear-based training is cruel and can lead to other behavior problems. A fearful dog becomes a reactive dog. Leash reactivity and aggressive behavior problems can result from fear-based dog training. Compassionate and relationship-based dog training result in a happy and loving dog that behaves well.

Compassion uses observation

Observation of your dog is one of the most important tools we use to tailor a training plan for you and your dog. Your dog's body language can tell us much about your dog. We get a good understanding of what your dog wants and what motivates your dog to behave well. We can find out what your dog does not like, which is often the result of your dog's past experiences or just the nature of your dog. Finding-out out what your dog is motivated by can help us know what we can do to encourage good behavior in your dog.

Compassion uses encouragement

We start training using positive reinforcement and also we educate your dog on the idea that there is training happening. In other words, your dog starts to get it that training is a fun activity for your dog. You will like training your dog too and it becomes more like playtime for everyone. This compassionate training helps build a strong positive bond between you and your dog and helps your dog interact with other people and other dogs.

Compassion gets your dog's attention

From observing your dog and reading your dog's body language we usually quickly understand what gets your dog's attention and motivates your dog to behave well. Some dogs respond strongly to praise and affection or some playtime. Other dogs respond more strongly to treats. All of our training is tailored to you and your dog and your dog's motivation is a part of the plan we will create for you. Using what motivates your dog is the best way to get your dog's attention and encourage your dog to behave as you want.

Compassion gives long-term results

Since compassion-based training is enjoyable to your dog and to you, it's easy to maintain good behavior in your dog. Your dog will see "training time" as "fun time" and will enjoy behaving well for you. Since training wouldn't be a chore to you or your dog, it's easy to train as often as needed to maintain good behavior in your dog. Getting to the place where you can be relaxed with your dog knowing and trusting your dog will be well behaved to allow you to have a close loving bond with your dog. Please contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We are eager to hear from you.

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