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Sam's personal mission plan


Please meet our newest trainer, Sam! Hello from the west coast! My name is Sam and I offer puppy training all the way to aggression cases. After experiencing idiopathic aggression from my beloved German shepherd and mentoring a protection dog/police dog trainer, I really wanted to help those around me in Las Vegas under ki’s k-9.

I have trained a service dog for myself, a husky, as many know can be a difficult breed to train and he excelled at work and I am now training my Labrador puppy, taura, as a service dogs, as well as including her in sports like barn hunt here in Thousand Oaks california

After experiencing hardships with my own personal dogs throughout my life and training non professionally- when I was hired by Ki’s K-9; I really want to help owners and dogs have a Quality of life where both dog and owner can enjoy each other.

I’ve trained a variety of breeds with a variety of issues, and I feel no one should feel prisoner to their dogs behavior or not be able to enjoy their relationship with their dog. Our goal is to have affordable, quality and thorough training that is personalized and one on one with clients.

I believe training should include compassion, care, balance and healthy relationship building between owner and dog. At ki’s k-9 we strongly believe in unique plans for each dog and making personalized plans to set you and your dog up for success!

We have pay as you go plans which makes training much more affordable for clients- which is a big reason why owners use Ki's K-9, we believe training should be quality but also be affordable.

We offer realistic Las Vegas Dog training and give you homework, education and help along the way. When we take you on as a client we are a team- no matter the issue at hand.

I have a specialty in behavior modification with all breeds and sizes. I have been training dogs for almost 10 years now and I always knew dogs are what I love and training them is even more rewarding.

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Reviews via google;

“Sam did a great job with our American Rottweiler, Oden Van Halen. He was not socialized when he was a puppy (owner error) so he was a bit aggressive and was very hard to just take him for a walk. Sam was able to teach us how to introduce people to Oden. Sam also had Oden walking on a leash and following commands. She was amazing. I highly recommend Sam. She takes her times and really loves what she does.” - Holly P

“Sam is awesome. She’s super knowledgeable and answers all my crazy questions and always explains how what she is doing will benefit my dog and tips and tricks at home- we never leave a session without homework for the week. I have a husky so it’s no easy task- but reaching out to ki’s k-9 has helped my stubborn husky a ton. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. The owner of the company, Ki, is also very professional and accommodating. I was very pleased with how thorough our first consult was and the fact that Ki was also on the call to ensure we were a good fit was awesome. Thank you Sam!” - Jenna

“Stellar trainer! She cares so much about the owner and their dog. She 100% went above and beyond with my friends dog!! Such a turn around it was! Wow!” - holly

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