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Welcome Sam!

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Met our newest trainer, Sam!

Thanks to our clients for providing us the ability to continue the success and growth of our company. We are grateful to you and work hard every day to provide compassionate, professional dog training exactly tailored to your needs, and the needs of your dog. We are so excited and proud to announce the newest member of our training staff! We are fortunate to have Sam join us to better serve you. Sam has great experience and a love of dogs and dog training. She embraces our company values of compassionate training with real results. Please contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.


From Sam,
Hello my name is Sam, when i was 13 years old I met my gateway dog into dog training. He was a family dog that was adopted from one of my fathers friends. He was a lab mix who I loved dearly and from them on I fell in love with helping other problem dogs to give them a second chance. i specialize in minor behavior mod, I've also trained with police k-9s, protection work and puppy raising along with basic obedience.

i chose to specialize in behavior mod because, I had a german shepherd who was at first a defensive aggressive dog. he was in a shelter all his life and i spent months helping him. he was very stubborn at first and was a challenge but it wasn't something I couldn't handle.

Currently I reside in southern california, married to my best friend. We have a labrador puppy together and hope to add another puppy in the near future. i also plan on moving to henderson nevada soon as well, in hopes to further my career in dog training.

Sam's personal mission plan

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