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Too busy to work with your trainer, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a board-and-train program? We offer Pick-up and Train plans for owners who have limited time or do not want to board their dog at a facility


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Pick-up and Train

We provide affordable Virginia Beach dog training and within the 757. At Ki’s K-9 we understand that many people live very busy lives, thus we strive to keep our services flexible to fit your lifestyle. With the Pick-up and Train program, we come to your home a few times a week and pick your dog up and train one-on-one for a few hours. You do not have to be home for pick-ups or drop-offs. Every session comes with videos from our session, homework, and a detailed email regarding tips and tricks in between sessions. Book today

The pick up and train program has a lot of advantages:

  • Our trainer will thoroughly handwash and wear a mask while in your home
  • Reduces in-person contact which is helpful to reduce virus transmission
  • Our trainer comes to your home while you are working or busy and spends an hour or more training your dog, then when you return home you follow up with homework (30 minutes - 1 hour)
  • Instead of a long and expensive board and train program, your dog gets one on one training while still staying in the comfort of your own home
  • Great for busy people or people who do not have time to work with a trainer one on one
  • Comes with videos, detailed emails with instructions and access to your professional trainer for questions/concerns

Better than boarding

At Ki’s K-9, we pride ourselves in being flexible. Many people do not want to board their dogs at a training facility and at Ki’s K-9, we completely understand that. With our popular pick up and train program, our professional trainer can train your dog in the comfort of your own home while you are working or busy. With the help of a lockbox or another way for access, our trainer can train your dog for however many hours necessary and send videos, emails, and text messages thoroughly explaining what the trainer is doing and why, so you will know what to do when your trainer is not around. We also pride ourselves in being available around the clock for client questions, concerns, or any difficulty you are having with your dog. The pick up and train program is the best of both worlds, training when you are not available but not having to pay the rates of boarding and training programs. The pick up and train program also benefits the wellbeing of your dog because they are not changing environments, whereas at board and train facilities, they are not in their normal environment, therefore some of their usual behaviors will not present themselves to be corrected. When a dog is comfortable in their home, those behaviors are apparent, and the trainer can correct them. This also is beneficial to those who are at risk for COVID-19. There will only be one trainer in your home, masked and clean one on one with your dog. If you have questions feel free to call us at 757-351-5369 or email us at

If you live in Virginia Beach or nearby, please contact us. We can schedule a free consult

If you live in Virginia Beach or nearby, please schedule a free consult

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