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New Puppy

Puppies are adorable with their sweet eyes, fluffy fur, and cuddliness. It can be quite difficult to put structure on a puppy but it is extremely important. Puppies need a lot of training due to the fact that they obviously have no idea how to live in a house with humans. Some of these behavior issues include: puppy biting, teething, jumping, accidents in the house, no leash manners, putting everything in their mouth, digging, crate training and eating things they shouldn’t.

Puppies grow up

It is important to realize that your puppy may be small now, but any behavior that they show that you wouldn’t like in an adult dog, must be corrected immediately. It is extremely responsible and much easier to bring a trainer in as soon as you bring your puppy home because they will start showing these unwanted behaviors. It’s important to correct them when these behaviors present themselves, but also build good habits while they are young and small, instead of large and strong.

They need to learn a lot

Puppies also need to learn proper leash manners, paying attention to their owner among many other things. A big problem with puppies is they love putting everything in their mouth, this can cause major health problems for your puppy and cost you thousands of dollars if it becomes a blockage. Not only do they like putting everything in their mouth, they love to chew because of teething. Couches, tables, and other furniture items will be at rath of puppy teething. At Ki’s K-9 we can help with ALL of these problems.

Socializing is so important

Another important practice for puppies: socializing. If not the most important thing. If a puppy has a very negative experience when they are young, they may hold onto that memory long after puppyhood and bring it into adulthood. This can lead to reactivity, aggression, and extreme situations, bites. Therefore, it is so important to work with a professional when socializing your young puppy. Its important they have all their shots so they can safely interact with humans and puppies. We want to make sure every interaction your puppy has with humans and dogs is POSITIVE.

Proper puppy training has life-long benefits

This will pay off in the long run, when you have a confident, brave puppy who wants to explore and does not have aggression or other lack of socialization issues. It is also important to teach leash manners and heeling at a young age, instead of trying to correct these issues when the dog is an adult.

Training is easiest at the puppy stage

Puppies are extremely pliable so it is so imperative that we install good, positive habits while they are young so they can carry them into adulthood, especially with large dogs. Puppies are adorable and it can be hard to say no or make rules for them, but as cute as they are, it is so important that we remember that they will not remain this small forever, and if would not like this behavior in an adult dog, it needs to be nipped in the bud and corrected at a very young age. If you just brought home a puppy, contact us or email us at

Videos of puppy training.

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