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What is Board and Train with Owner?

Board and train with owner involvement: in home board and train and personalized training, protocols, One free follow up, personalized homework, daily updates + videos. We will meet with you twice weekly so you see progress.

Board and Train with Owner (be a part of your dogs board!): Ever wanted to try a board and train with your pup, but are skeptical about it? This board is for you! It is a board and train program that is located in our highly skilled trainers’ homes. They are only kenneled at night, you will receive daily updates with photos/videos, and there is a limitation on how many dogs are in the boarding program to ensure every dog gets what it needs! You also will receive very detailed home instructions and a trainer support post board. Not only that but you are also included in the process. We have noticed many owners get nervous when we drop the pups off and perform our in-home session. The goal with owner involvement is to ensure you are learning while your dog is too, to eliminate stress on the owner's end, and to ensure you are seeing progress in your pup. Many people are also great candidates for board and train but have heard negative things about them. This will ensure you can see your pup is happy, and enjoying training, and build your owner's confidence for their return. Depending on dog, behavior, and length of the board would determine how many private meet-ups would be done throughout the board.

What are our methods?

Every dog is different. Each dog will receive a personalized protocol depending on the dog in the program, what we will be working on, and what the owner requests. We always use balanced training, classical conditioning, counter-conditioning, as well as operant conditioning. This just means using repetition as well as a positive start to training, and the “less is more” approach when it comes to tools. We only use ethical and painless tools, if need be. We also respect your boundaries as an owner and always ask permission. If this is something you are potentially interested in and located in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, or Hampton Roads area, please contact us. We would love to hear from you! Please check out some of our reviews, when your pup is with us, they are part of the family!


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Doggy Daycare

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