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Why Ki?


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Why choose Ki’s K-9?

We offer private, in-home sessions tailored to your exact dog’s needs. We offer pay-as-you-go training at hourly rates as training should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Not only that, this has proven to enhance your relationship with your dog because they want to learn from YOU! We are there to educate, demonstrate, and recommend quality tools that will help your individual dog. After each session, we give “homework” to follow at home and are readily available if you have questions, comments, or concerns. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach to training as it has proven to be ineffective as every dog learns differently, some dogs are more food motivated whereas some are more toy driven, or even praise! When training, we keep that in mind to ensure success in training. At Ki’s K-9 the goal is to make your life and your dog's life more enjoyable and have a more harmonious life together.

Free over Zoom

Our consultation is free over zoom, please set aside about an hour of your time so we can discuss what will be best for your dog and give you a set goal point. Every first session also includes an in-person, free behavioral assessment. We will point out and educate you on what your dog is trying to communicate, if they are in fear, about to react, etc. so you, as an owner have a better understanding of your dog, and have the skill set to handle anything life throws at you and your dog.

Years of experience in real life traning

We have years of experience in basic obedience all the way to aggressive dog rehabilitation. We focus on practical training and help you along the way when you are in these “real-life” scenarios with your dog who may not be the friendliest, but that is okay. We also want you, as an owner, to feel more confident when handling your dog at home and in public. All of our trainers undergo months of training, realistic experiences, and tons of demonstrations and mentoring.

Training to fit your needs

Not only do we offer private, in-home sessions, we also offer package deals that are cheaper in the long run, and if we do not get to our set goal within that time frame, you will receive discounted hourly rates. We do not offer board and trains at this time.


Ki’s K-9 Dog Training


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Reliable recall training.

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