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Ki's K-9 Dog Training is the home of compassionate and affordable Virginia Beach dog training and surrounding areas. We know many people have hectic schedules so we provide adjustable training to your needs. When you use our Pick-up and Train program, we arrive at your home a few times a week and train your dog one-on-one for one or more hours. You do not have to be home for us to train your dog. We video every training so you can see how we train your dog and we provide suggestions for training you can do with your dog. in a detailed email including tips and tricks to do in between sessions so you and your dog can get the most benefit. Book today.

Resource Guarding

Resource guarding is a behavior where a dog assertively protects its space and belongings. This consequential behavior can result in trauma and injury of other dogs or people. This behavior must be stopped and controlled before it becomes a problem. Law enforcement sometimes removes aggressive dogs so this kind of behavior must be stopped.

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Dog Aggression

When we say "dog-aggression" we are saying your dog shows intolerance to other dogs. Dog-aggression is shown by many dogs. Sometimes we can pinpoint a cause for your dog's aggression, especially if you know your dog's history. Often the dog has had a bad experience that causes the dog to be afraid and aggressive toward other dogs. Most dogs are not wired to be overly aggressive toward other dogs. A fear-driven dog sometimes lashes out at other dogs because they are afraid of getting injured by another dog. Regardless of the cause, we can help reduce dog-aggression.

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Puppy training

Sure, puppies are fur balls of cuddliness. We definitely want to enjoy the time we have with our puppies while there are still young. Puppies are adorable and that can make it quite difficult to train your puppy, but now is the best time to introduce training into your puppy's routine. Puppies are not born without any idea of how to live in a home with people. Some of the behavior problems we can help with include: biting, chewing jumping, house accidents, leash reactive, attempting to eat everything, digging, and crate training.

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Dog walks

One of the best things about being a dog owner is going on dog walks. Dog walks help you to improve your relationship with your dog. It is physically and mentally healthy for you and your dog. From your dog's point of view, the walk might be the best part of your dog's day, so it is important to regularly take your dog for walks. If you find walks with your dog are not fun because of your dog's behavior, please let us know so we can help.

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Reliable recall

By nature, your dog loves to focus on all kinds of interesting things. When we train for reliable recall, we are teaching your dog to stop whatever interesting thing they are doing and come to us because we are even more interesting. Reliable recall training does take time, but it is the most important training for your dog since it could save your dog's life.

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Off leash

Have you wanted to walk your dog without a leash? Many dog owners would like to have peace of mind knowing that if their dog somehow got off their leash, they would stay with them. We provide training toward getting you that peace of mind. If your dog runs off, it could cause injury to your dog, other dogs, or people. Naturally, sometimes dogs run off and get lost. It's not enough that your dog stays with you unless there is a distraction. So the goal is that your dog will stay with you even if there are distractions like squirrels, joggers, or other dogs. Read more about Off-leash training

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