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To help calm your dog, contact us today for a free consultation! We are the professional dog trainers in Virginia Beach and surrounding cities.

The Calm Dog

Is your dog extremely hyper and overzealous? Never seems to tire and relax? Can’t keep up with them and their constant need for endless exercise, chewing, pacing, and getting into trouble if you aren’t paying attention? Getting into trash, chewing things in your home, or getting into food items (or human food) they shouldn’t be? Are they greeting guests inappropriately with jumping, scratching, running around, and becoming a ball of uncontrollable energy? Are they unable to settle down themselves in a crate or dog bed and cry/bark to get out? Are they running out of the door just to get even more energy out? Are they pulling and barking to greet dogs and people, so public outings can be stressful or even avoided all together?

This package is for you!

We will turn your over exuberant dog into one you can trust around the house, be calm, teach an “off switch” without endless needs for exercise. We implement calm training and teach you how to get your dog to settle down, be able to greet guests appropriately, be trustworthy around the house, learn a solid place command and to settle down on command. We also teach them how to appropriately behave in public settings, without pulling or barking to greet everyone they see. On walks, in pet friendly settings and stores, even with distractions.

Includes 8 private, hour long sessions, and we come to you. First session also includes a free in person assessment. You also receive 2 free follow up sessions.

Ala carte sessions for this behavior start at 110 hourly; without package discount this would cost $1,100

Package discount cost is $900 and we have payment plans available!

Free consultantions are avaiable if you live in Virginia Beach, or surrounding cities. Ki Ki’s K-9 Dog Training 757-351-5369 please contact us or email us at or fill out our contact us form.

Contact us today to help improve your relationship with your dog. A calm dog will be a better family member and will have a happier live.

We understand that traning your dog to be calm takes time and patience. We use consistent and positive reinforcement, and when your dog is ready, we gradual exposure your dog to different stimuli to ensure successful training. We also know it is important to consider that individual dogs may have different temperaments, needs, and amounts of energy, so we adjjust the training approach to your dog's specific needs.
We training your dog to be calm to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It is critcal to establish trust and creates a positive relationship with your dog based on clear communication and mutual understanding.


If you live in Virginia Beach or nearby, please schedule a free consult

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