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Reliability is the key

Many dog owners dream of having their dog off-leash and know they have 100% vocal control over their dog. Some dog owners will have their dog off-leash with maybe 70% vocal control over their dog. The problem with this is many dogs will run off, chase a jogger, squirrel, another dog or person, or end up in a very dangerous situation. Dogs off-leash get hit by cars far too often. Many dogs will stay by their owner, but when a distraction presents itself, the dog will take off. This is extremely common and a justified fear among many dog owners. Another fear among dog owners is their dog will take off and not come back. These are all rational, realistic fears.

Tools and techniques

At Ki’s K-9, we like to use the e-collar and positive reinforcement to teach dogs to behave off-leash, when a dog knows that taking off running away or chasing something leads to a consequence, they are far more likely not to do this behavior. That is when the e-collar comes into play as a very important tool to use in dog training off-leash.

Rewards are the important

We always start with a long line and use a very high-quality reward when the dog comes when called. It is extremely important that you never ever call your dog to punish them, this can completely ruin their recall and off-leash progress. We always want our dog to correlate coming back to us as a great reward and whatever that is distracting them is far less important than their owner.

Off-leash is rewarding

When we are able to teach your dog to walk off-leash, many outings become much more enjoyable for your dog and for you. Dogs can get much more exercise when they are able to go off-leash, thus creating a calmer dog inside the house as well. The benefits of having a dog off-leash and know you can trust them are endless. You can go to beaches, hikes, lakes, play fetch in large fields, and just walk around without worrying your dog will run off or get hit by a car.

Off-leash does not mean off-manners

It is extremely important to teach the dog that just because they are off-leash does not mean they can do whatever they want. Sometimes, dogs off-leash like to greet people and dogs who are not dog-friendly. This can end up with an injured dog by mace or other weapon or a dog attack. Once a dog has been attacked there is a much larger problem at hand where we must work on their fearfulness as well as off-leash.

Training is very important

It is important that we teach dogs off-leash the correct way and that their recall is extremely reliable and we follow leash laws. Dogs off-leash are fun but can get into trouble, if you would like to start teaching your dog how to appropriately and correctly behave when off-leash, please contact us or email us at or fill out our contact us form

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