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We offer board and trains for aggressive dogs and reactive dogs!

At Ki’s K-9 we do offer board and trains for aggressive dogs and reactive dogs!

Are you feeling at a loss with your dog’s aggression? Embarrassed or wondering where you went wrong? Feeling frustrated and do not have a lot of time on your hands? We can absolutely help. Please fill out our consultation form for behavior modification.

What causes dog aggression?

Dog aggression can manifest itself in many ways, and can come from numerous places. Trauma, anxiety, pain, and lack of training can all lead to dog aggression. Dog aggression can be very scary for many owners as sometimes they can get hurt from being overpowered, feeling like they can only go for walks late at night or early in the morning when your dog’s triggers are not around. It can also lead to injury to another dog or person. Either way, it goes, dog aggression is a serious matter and has an effect on the owner’s life and relationship with their dog. We can help!

Aggressive Dog training

Dogs are not naturally conflict-seeking animals, and sometimes biting, fighting, or barking has gotten them something they want (normally the person or animal to go away) Dog aggression usually stems from fear, but sometimes other things can come into play. At Ki’s K-9 Dog Training, we like to start at the root of the aggression and work up from there. Every dog is different, so their aggression all stems from different places. We go at your dog's pace, get to know them and what their triggers are, as well as you as an owner and how we can properly & effectively train both your dog and you! Forms of aggression and how they can show in your dog's behavior:

  • Resource guarding
  • Being possessive of owners, the home, food, crates, beds, furniture, etc.
  • Getting into dog fights
  • Biting people or dogs
  • Coming in between owners as a way of being possessive
  • Redirecting onto other dogs or people
  • Dominating, challenging behavior
  • Charging at guests
  • Barking and lunging at people or dogs

We have vast knowledge and experience in this behavior, and would love to help you and your dog! If you are struggling with dog aggression or want aggressive dog training Fill out our consultation form today!

Aggressive dog board and train

During your dog's stay with us, we teach them how to appropriately react to previous triggers, as well as change the emotional response behind your dog's aggression and make those previous stimuli positive through counter-conditioning and patience! You and your dog both deserve a fun fulfilled life, and it is within reach. We also offer payment plans, and have a diverse team of trainers that will be working with your dog in a home environment to help reach your goals! We do not have a facility as these environments can really stress a dog, and we want to see their fullest potential! We also offer payment plans, as we know this is an investment in your dog and your life together!

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