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Compassionate dog training at Ki's K-9 Dog Training is our specialty in Virginia Beach and other cities. Please contact us for a free consultation.

We take bitting dogs

At ki’s k-9, we do not discriminate based on bite history or breed. We work with dogs on the verge of euthanasia from bite histories. We deal with every breed that suffers from extreme aggression or extreme reactivity towards humans, dogs, or even family members or owners. Believe it or not, this behavior is more common than you would think. Once a dog loses its human bite inhibition it can be difficult for them to relearn human bite inhibition. At ki’s k-9; our specialty is aggressive dog rehab or otherwise known as “behavioral modification.” This type of training is very intense for the dog, owner, and trainer. Muzzle conditioning To ensure everyone is safe, we bring a plethora of bite protection gear, and we also enforce muzzle training to keep the dog, human, and trainer safe. Muzzle conditioning is extremely important and you can not just put a muzzle on a dog and expect them to be OKAY with it. Muzzle conditioning includes hours of the command “muzzle” where your dog puts their Snout into their muzzle and you reward that behavior with a yummy treat. Then, you move on to longer periods with the muzzle on, this helps the dog get used to having a muzzle on and it’s not a big deal for them.

The muzzle

It is required that your dog uses a basket muzzle. Any other type of muzzle can be bitten through. We prefer a wire basket muzzle. When fitting your muzzle, You must make sure it is a basket muzzle. It can be made of metal or plastic (metal is preferred) and big enough that the dog can pant, eat, and drink through the muzzle. If the muzzle is too small and your dog cannot drink through it, it can lead to heatstroke.

How we start

We first start with conditioning to the muzzle. Most of this we can do at home. Then I work one on one with the dog to gain trust and be able to handle the dog. This can simply mean taking treats, being pet, or walking with me (the trainer) to ensure the dog trusts me enough to let me teach them appropriate behaviors. After that, it is usually smooth sailing upwards with your dog because they learn to trust strangers, get exposed to environmental stimuli, and get lots of confidence training. What are the signs of aggression? After all, aggression is normally due to insecurities or fear in the dog. There are many signs a dog will give before they snap or bite. Many people say their dog doesn't show any signs, and that’s usually because the warnings are so subtle and small it’s hard for the owner to even notice. For example; many dogs use their eyes or ears right before they become reactive, and without a close heel, it’s almost impossible for an owner to notice. At Ki’s K-9 we teach you what warning signs to look for, start from the bottom so you will be able to see aggression, fixation, or other pre-explosive behaviors, and teach you how to redirect and reward for not reactivity, exploding, or showing other extremely dangerous behaviors.

There is hope

At Ki’s K-9 we strive to give owners hope that their reactive dog can live harmoniously with other dogs or people and be able to listen to commands and know what is appropriate and what isn't (aggression) we also want to give you confidence as an owner to be able to trust your dog and have an extremely fulfilling, fun life. If you have an aggressive dog, please contact us today!

Reviews with aggressive dogs:

Kiley came to us after our dogs got in a huge fight a few times. She was able to train both of them to understand each other and coexist once again. If it wasn’t for Kiley we never would have been able to live our lives as normal as we do now. We recommend Kiley to anyone who has any dog issues but specifically with aggressive dogs, she does the best with those! Kiley was the best thing that ever happened to our pets in our household! - chad

Kiley worked wonders for my dog Bodhi and a friend's puppy that he was having severe jealousy/dominance issues with. After a few sessions, his behavior/demeanor towards my friend's puppy had improved tremendously and they were even eating out of the same food bowl! Kiley is a gem who knows what she’s doing, sets clear intentions/goals for obedience training, and I look forward to one on one sessions between her and my dog Bodhi. I would highly Kiley! - Eric

My dog Apollo and I started training with Kiley a couple of months ago. While most people probably would’ve given up on my dog, Kiley continues to go above and beyond, finding new ways to approach training when others methods don’t work. She listens to my concerns. She thoroughly explains what she’s doing during sessions, why she’s doing it and answers any questions I have. I’d highly recommend contacting her for training, especially for behavioral issues. I didn’t think my dog’s behavior could be resolved but we’re seeing great progress! - Anjelica

Videos of highly aggressive training.

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