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Dog bites or aggression towards people or dogs


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We provide dog training in Virginia Beach and offer customized, compassionate, and professional dog training in the areas in the 757. Please contact us for free consultation and evaluation.

Bite history is OK with us

At Ki’s K-9 we do not discriminate when it comes to dogs who have a long bite history, who has bitten other dogs or people. At Ki’s K-9 we do not discriminate by breed, size, or age when it comes to aggression or bites towards people or animals.

What is Bite inhibition?

Bite inhibition is when a dog knows not to bite, human or dog. Bite inhibition is a very important behavior to teach a dog at any age to keep your dog from being euthanized or rehomed or in a shelter. Biting behavior can be broken in dogs and should be because many owners suffer from this issue and feel hopeless and stressed. When teaching bite inhibition, reactivity, and other severe issues that dogs can have, we start from a controlled environment. We need to determine the root cause of the biting behavior and teach the dog that biting people is not acceptable.

We here to help

This type of behavior modification is probably the most challenging and stressful for owners, but I am here to help. First, we take a look at the dog's foundation, aka structure in the home, are they misbehaving and getting too much freedom? We start from the bottom and slowly guide you and your dog in the right direction to start re-teaching bite inhibition.

Finding the root cause

Our experience has shown us that there are several causes of biting behavior. Sometimes it’s a lack of exposure, sometimes it’s genetic, sometimes a dog loses their bite inhibition randomly and has gotten away with it for a while and has made a habit of it. More causes for biting humans are resource guarding, human (owner) guarding, furniture guarding, and most of this guarding stems from fear, lack of wanting to do the things we ask of them, previous abuse, genetics, or more.

No matter the cause, we can help

Whatever the cause, we will figure it out as a team and give you a clear plan to help you and your dog progress as owner and dog and rebuild that trust that your dog will not bite anymore. This type of training is very intensive but we have yielded many success stories with dogs that were on the verge of euthanasia. Sometimes the problem is so deeply engraved in a dog it becomes a management issue but that does not mean your dog can’t live a full, exciting life with you and you have trust in your dog and yourself.

We can work with your Vet

Most of the time, the problem is caused by extreme fear and other anxiety issues when necessary I recommend talking to your vet about medication to help this anxiety because sometimes it is a key component in training that will help us progress in ways not possible otherwise.

We control the environment

As I stated before, these sessions can be very intensive and nerve-wracking for owners and dogs at first, but we have to remember we must trigger the dog to work on the problem. These sessions are 100% controlled and your dog MUST have a wire basket muzzle on that they are conditioned to and fitted properly. If you have questions about muzzle conditioning please contact me. There are many aspects of the muzzle that are important. The fitting of the muzzle is important since they must be able to pant, drink, and eat through the muzzle; otherwise, it is a sign that the muzzle is too small.

We are protected too

We arrive at these sessions with protective gear for us and your peace of mind. If your dog has bitten other people, other dogs, or has been quarantined due to a bite, or has a long bite history have no fear, we can handle it safely and humanely

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