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Relationship-based Training

Your relationship with your dog.

Relationship based training

We provide compassionate, top-quality Virginia Beach dog training and for cities in the 757. Our training helps you achieve a better relationship with your dog. This helps you and your dog.

At Ki’s K-9, we not only use balanced training, we also like to incorporate relationship based training along with balanced training. Relationship based training is a training method that reconstructs your relationship with your dog and helps correct some unwanted behaviors naturally because your dog will see you are the one in charge. Relationship based training is extremely beneficial to the owner and the dog. It strengthens the bond between owner and dog, and In many circumstances, the reason behind some behavioral issues is you and your dog’s relationship.

Let us help you bond with your dog

At Ki’s K-9, we would be able to find that out through our consultation how to build a rewarding relationship with your dog. Without it, is one of the reasons for unwanted behavior. We help you reconstruct your relationship with your dog. Not only does this method strengthen the bond between you and your dog, it also helps with your dogs interactions with other people as well. After reconstructing the relationship, your dog will have more appropriate greetings and behave better around other people as well. Many people love this method along with balanced training because it yields faster results, and most owners and dogs have a very clear understanding of the new relationship, thus creating a dog who respects people and boundaries. If you have questions about our relationship based training, feel free to call us at 757-750-1517 or email us at

Read your dog

Relationship-based training focuses on teaching you how to read your dog's body language and other ways your dog uses to communicate with you. It is proven to improve dog and owner relationship and communication. When we fully understand our dogs, it is much easier to have a better relationship. Since dogs are unique, the meaning of particular body language actions can vary from dog to dog. For instance, tail wagging does not always mean your dog is happy. We see tail wagging as more of an indication of a higher level of interest. A low tail wag might mean the dog is afraid. I high tail wag might mean an attack is coming. A random tail wag is probably an indication of happiness. We look at the entire dog to get an idea of how your dog is feeling. The play bow, where the front is down and the rear is up, seems to be a very reliable indication of invitation to play.

Get their attention

It's best to find out what gets your dog's attention and motivates your dog. Some dogs respond more to affection, while others will work for treats. We use these motivators to reinforce good behavior and to build good relationships with our dogs. We try to reinforce good behavior to replace unwanted behavior. Relationship-based training is very effective and helps you and your dog.

Ask permission

Once the relationship between you and your dog is reliable and solid, we can move on to permission-based training. Permission-based training means you say that it is OK for your dog to do something like, for example, you tell your dog it's OK to get up on a couch.

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