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Aggression problems


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Aggression problems solved

Dog aggression is one of the most serious behavior problems since it can lead to injury of dogs or people. You should consider professional help if your dog exhibits problem aggression behavior. We offer free consultation and we will help you correct your dog's aggressive behavior. So, to be clear, what do we mean by "aggression"? Your dog is aggressive when he lunges, snarls, or shows teeth, bites, or growls. Since dogs can be dangerous when they are being aggressive, it is best to seek professional help to correct aggressive behavior. We may recommend taking your dog to a veterinarian if we suspect your dog has a health condition that is causing the aggressive behavior. Your dog may be in pain and it is causing the aggressive behavior. There are other reasons that your dog is being aggressive and the first step to correcting the aggressive behavior is figuring out what is causing this behavior.

Diagnosing aggressive behavior

We will observe and interact with your dog to figure out what is triggering your dog's aggressive behavior and how to correct it. Sometimes it is more obvious what is triggering your dog's aggression like your dog might be overly protective of his favorite toy or person. Sometimes it's not so obvious, like your dog may have a bad experience that is being triggered by some environmental factor.

Overly protective

If your dog's aggression is due to your dog being overly protective, we will correct this behavior using training techniques that address overly protective root causes. When a dog is overly protective of something, we call that resource guarding. There are some myths around correcting resource guarding behavior. Resource guarding comes naturally to a dog, but it can be corrected. We don't correct resource guarding by trying to convince your dog that is an abundance of his favorite treats. Resource gauding can be fixed by compassionately training your dog to understand he will receive what he wants through good behavior.

Other causes

There are many other causes of aggressive behavior. It is important to correct this behavior compassionately and with an understanding of the root cause of the aggression. Some other causes of aggression are fear due to a previous bad experience or stress due to an environmental change like a change in routine or new members of the family. A new person or pet in the family can be a stressor to your dog. Even a change in routine like a change in activities like dog walks not happening like they use to. A new home or a change in food that may be causing discomfort are all possible causes of aggressive behavior. We can correct aggressive behavior no matter what the cause.

Don't ignore aggressive behavior

We have found that aggressive behavior does not correct itself. Aggressive behavior can lead to injury and may be due to a health problem, so it needs to be attended to. Aggressive dogs can seem unpredictable and can bite, so please seek a professional to help you fix your dog's aggressive behavior. Please contact us for a free consultation so we can compassionately determine the cause of this behavior and correct it.

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