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Feeling frustrated, at a loss, or don’t know where to begin with your dog who is showing some unwanted or aggressive behaviors? Most of the time, this is due to fear, trauma, or previous bad experiences. Many owners feel in over their heads when their dog shows aggression or reactivity. Other owners feel they don’t have enough time to do intensive training with their dogs. We can help! We have worked with various breeds and dogs who are suffering from aggression and reactivity. We do not discriminate based on bite history, breed, or size. We are willing to work with any loving and dedicated owner. We encourage owners to be a part of their dog’s training.

What is the board & Train going to look like for my dog?

Every board and train is unique and tailored to your dog, their needs, and your wants and goals. Every dog shows aggression for different reasons. We first and foremost have a free virtual consult, have an in-person assessment, recommend an appropriate time frame, and give you insight and find the root of your dog’s aggression. All Board and Trains stay in a family environment, in our trainers’ homes, all training is safe and controlled, and you will receive updates about your dog's training, as well as videos! You will be matched with a trainer that best suits your dog, but we work together as a team to ensure your dog is getting quality training.

What Causes Aggression in dogs?

There are many forms of aggression and causes of why your dog may be showing it. Fear is usually the main reason. We are here to educate you on body language, help you understand your dog better, find the root of this aggression, and safely help train your dog & you, and set you both up for success!
Believe it or not, food can sometimes be a contributing factor to reactivity, or aggression. If we feel this may be a contribution, you can set up a consultation with our certified dog nutritionist! We can set up a personalized new diet or lead you in the best direction based on your budget and your dog’s needs!
Unfortunately, many rescue dogs go through trauma, contributing to fear-based aggression. We work at your dog’s pace to ensure we are slowly introducing them to fear, and counter conditioning them to previous fearful situations slowly, and teaching them through counter conditioning (taking a stimulus, adding a positive, learning through association) for them to learn it’s a good and neutral thing. We like to start positive with your aggressive/reactive dog.

What Does Aggression look like?

  • Trying or actively biting family members/strangers
  • Possessiveness of food or toys
  • Lunging, growling, snapping.
  • Resource guarding
  • Intolerance to new people coming into the home
  • Bites


Sometimes, dogs are lacking the structure and training needed to help them be able to tolerate stress, which can be achieved through training.
Ensuring you as the owner have learned and will continue to do so with follow-up sessions is our goal at Ki’s K-9 Dog Training.
You will receive follow-up home instructions, and explanations of behavior throughout your board, educating you, and follow-ups lead to major success with Board and Trains.


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