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We are different because we do not have packages or a “one size fits all” type of training. We always do a free consult before setting up a plan because training is not one size fits all, and at Ki’s K-9, we pride ourselves on tailoring to every unique dogs’ needs. After our consult, we would be able to give a more concrete quote. We book by the week because every dog learns at a different rate! Contact us today, or call (757) 351-5369, or E-mail:

Virginia Beach Dog Training

Plan and prices overview

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We have many years of experience in all types of compassionate dog training and we offer Virginia Beach dog training and dog training in surrounding areas. One of our top goals is to make dog training more affordable. We provide a free consultation to get to know you and your dog. We know your dog is unique and your relationship with your dog is important to you. Depending on your needs, we will guide you to determine the level of training (puppy training, advanced obedience, behavior modification training, etc.) that your dog should get to help help you have the best relationship with your dog. More on prices

It's learning for your dog

We will work with you one on one, or we come to your home when you are working or busy and train your dog(s) in your home. In-home sessions are a great way to get your dog on the path of learning good behavior since your dog can really progress when starting with familiar surroundings. We video record the sessions so you can see how we train so you can keep the training going.More on pick-up and train

Doggy Daycare

Improve your relationship with your dog

We help you to read your dog's body language and understand other ways your dog uses to communicate with you. This will help you to understand your dog's point of view because when we fully understand our dogs, it is much easier to have a better relationship. More on relationship-based training

Doggy Daycare

Compassionate training

One of the first things in training your dog is figuring out what gets your dog's attention and motivates your dog to learn good behavior. For some dogs, affection gets them motivated to learn. Other dogs will work for treats! We can build good relationships with our dogs by using these motivators to reinforce good behavior. We try to reinforce good behavior to replace unwanted behavior. Relationship-based training is very effective and helps you and your dog. More on compassionate training

Doggy Daycare

Virginia Beach dog training prices:

Free consult

We always like to meet your dog, hear what you are looking for, and then give you recommendations of training for your dog’s specific needs and an estimate of the cost and time. We also book by the week and work around your schedule to provide the most flexibility to meet your dog’s needs. We don’t have rigid plans like most trainers because your dog is unique. If you live in Virginia Beach dog training and surrounding areas Contact us today, or call (757) 351-5369, or E-mail: Doggy Daycare

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Pick-up and Train

At Ki’s K-9 we understand that many people live very busy lives, thus we strive to keep our company flexible to fit your lifestyle.
More on Pick-up and Train...

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Relationship-based Training

We use relationship-based training because it is mutually beneficial to the dog, owner, and trainer.
More on Relationship-based Training...

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We do hands-on.

We do hands-on, real-world training with your dog to ensure no matter where you are, you can trust your dog to listen to commands.
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We fit your needs.

We offer a wide variety of training for your fur baby including behavioral issues, obedience (basic and advanced), puppy & family dog training, doggie manners, separation anxiety, e-collar training, socialization (adult and puppy)
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Balanced training.

Our philosophy of balanced training (marking good behavior, rewards, and having consequences to bad behavior if needed) ensures that you and your dog will have a fun and loving relationship.
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Flexible training plan.

We offer flexible training plans that perfectly match your dog’s temperament and lifestyle.
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If you live in Virginia Beach or nearby, please schedule a free consult

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